Younger than 6?

The Wenatchee Valley Sportsplex offer a FireTots program for kids starting at age 18 months. Click on the logo to learn more:

Recreational Soccer

Recreational soccer is the backbone of Wenatchee Valley Youth Soccer. Virtually all players start at the recreational level. This is the place where parents begin their soccer education as "soccer mom" or "soccer dad". This is where parents also often become volunteer coaches, referees, administrators and soccer board members.

The Recreational level of play is an ideal and vibrant entry point for the player who wants to be introduced to the game, play with friends, and participate on a team. Recreational soccer is open to all players and, through the use of Small-Sided rules, is primarily devoted to the enjoyment and initial development of soccer players. No tryouts are required to join a team.

The Recreational player is of any age (typically starting at 5) and is interested in playing in a less committed environment. Seasons are generally shorter, tournaments are fewer, traveling is less, and coaches are volunteer-based. Recreational soccer is purely for the enjoyment of the sport, and not as much focus is placed on advanced technical and tactical instruction or wins.

Local Programs

In the Wenatchee Valley, recreational programs occur in the Spring and Fall. In either case teams are formed by age (see Player Age Groups) and wherever possible by school district so that friends of the same age can play together. Matches are then organized between and among clubs for teams of the same age group.

The Spring program is administered by the Greater Wenatchee Soccer Club for Wenatchee area players, and by Cashmere Youth Soccer for upper valley (Cashmere and Leavenworth) players. Registration runs from January until the middle of February. Play begins in April and usually completes by the end of May.

The Fall program is administered by three clubs -- Wenatchee, Cashmere and Leavenworth. Each club registers their own players and registration runs from April through the end of June. Play begins in September and usually completes by the end of October. Find out more by clicking on one of the club names.